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Pakistan Organic Farms

Pakistan Organic Farms are certified by Control Union Certifications Zwolle, the Netherlands for organic production methods according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007. We are one of the leading rice exporters and grow EU and USDA Certified agricultural commodities. We grow: Organic Rice; Organic Sesame Seeds; Organic Cotton; and Organic Wheat

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Organic Rice, Organic Cotton, Organic Brown Rice, Organic White Rice, Organic Long Grain Rice, Organic Parboiled Rice, Super Kernel White Basmati Rice, Super Kernel Brown Basmati Rice, Super Kernel Parboiled Milled Basmati Rice, Pakistan - Long Grain

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Company: Pakistan Organic Farms
Address: 38 L Commercial Area, Dha Phase 8, Ex Air Avenue
Telephone: +924235695402
Fax: 04235695403

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