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Dubai's First Stem Cell Center Set to Open

A new medical center is set to be open in Dubai at the Emirates Hospital in Jumerirah. It is set to focus primarily on stem cell and regenerative study.

The hospital will be only be the first of its kind. It has already received approval from the Dubai Heaalth Authority, it will be partnered with ReGen Medical Management Dubai to provide a diverse range of speciality regenerative services.

The launch ceremony was attended by some prominent guests including Faris Khalaf Al Mazroui, chairman of the General Authority of Ports, Borders & Free Zone Security; Rashid Khalaf Al Habtoor, CEO and president of Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises LLC; Michael Davis, COO of NMC Healthcare; and Clancey Po, NMC’s director of Corporate Operations Strategy.

“We are pleased to partner with Dr Steven Victor and ReGen Medical. This new facility will provide innovative technologies to address a multitude of conditions,” said Davis.

Stem Cell Therapy also known as Stromal vascular fraction cellular (SVFC) in the medical sphere is developing at a rapid pace.

ReGen is certified for medical tourism and operates under the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The staff at the facility work under Dr Victor, a certified physician and founder of ReGen Medical Management Dubai.

Victor MD, ReGen Medical PC, said: “ReGen Medical has successfully performed more than 600 stem cell therapy treatments with positive outcomes for various diseases of unmet clinical needs and cosmetic indications, in the US. We are proud to partner with them to offer the only dedicated stem cell and regenerative medical centre in the UAE, all while incorporating the latest advancements in cellular therapies to patients worldwide.”

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