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Dubai Introduce New AI Service to Assist First Responders

Developers in Dubai have introduced a brand new AI tool that will assist bystanders in providing immediate medical care to patients waiting on ambulances.

The mobile application will help bystanders to adequately assess the status of the patient and will help them administer necessary life-saving procedures before the arrival of professional assistance.  The app will also feature a video-calling facility through which by-standers can communicate directly with the medics.

"We endeavor through this project to transform every resident and visitor in Dubai into a versed lifesaver to enhance the quality of ambulance services by speeding up the response time to less than four minutes,” DCAS executive director Khalifa Al Drai said. “Through this innovative project, DCAS will be able to provide immediate help in vital areas in Dubai, surpassing the initial target of four minutes by integrating savers from the community and utilizing smart systems based on AI and VR to harness residents' skills.”

The app has been hailed by many in the medical community and will help aim to provide crucial medical assistance when none is available. It is a very creative and productive initiative from DCAS and has been well received by the general public.

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