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DHA Holds Meeting with Private Sector to Discuss New Healthcare Innovation Hub

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) have recently held talks with the privates sector regarding the setting up of a new healthcare technology. The center will be constructed close to the Rashid Hospital, and the duo is working on finding the most suitable concept that will foster the model.

Initial meetings took place last week, where sector representatives visited the facility and later gave the DHA their professional advice on the project in a brainstorming session. Many top global brands were well represented at the meet including, Novartis, IBM, Credit Swiss and several others.

Humaid Al Qutami, chairman and director-general of the DHA, said: "Over the years, we have seen advances in medicine which have directly contributed to better patient outcomes.

"Our aim is to promote an atmosphere that is conducive to innovation, not just for medical treatment but also in technology, healthcare management, pharmaceuticals, medical devices so that all aspects of the health sector develop and thrive.

"Innovation cannot take place in isolation and thrives on collaboration; we are keen to work with innovators, healthcare entities, scientists and researchers so that we on improve healthcare outcomes and focus on improved patient care and experience.”

Director of Organizational Transformation at DHA, Dr. Mohammad Al Redha said that the goal of the project would be to provide a superior healthcare delivery and management system to provide patients with better service. He was quoted saying that ‘patient-centered care’ will be the primary objective of the facility.

The DHA is already in the works of implementing the newest technologies available in healthcare, 3D printing being one of its first priorities.

DHA is also working with the private sector on the implementation of artificial intelligence in medical fitness screening and in other areas of healthcare such as stroke detection, management and diagnosis as well as rehabilitation.

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Posted on :7/13/2018