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New Rating System for Hospitals to be Implemented Next Year by DHA

Dubai is all set to implement a new rating system, where residents will be able to rate the services and the performances offered by a hospital using a star system. This system is expected to be ready and fully functional by the beginning of the following year.

The system will be implemented by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) using the Health Facilitied Performance Framework (DHFPF) as a reference point. This particular framework is known to have five pillars including patient safety, clinical quality, patient happiness, financial and operational indicators.

The DHA’s Health Regulation Sector held a workshop last Monday where discusiions were held with the private sector on the subject of design and implementation of the framework. This one of several other workshops held to design a frame-work with buy-in from hospitals.

Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector, said the initiative will improve the quality of health care in Dubai.

“Benchmarking and measuring the quality of care is fundamental to help build a robust health system where patient-centric care and patient safety is the cornerstone. We are working closely with the private sector to design a system with uses health data intelligently to help enhance health service delivery,” Dr Al Mulla said.

This new system will provide greater access to information for residents while making critical decisions about healthcare. It will also provide medical tourists with trustworthy, independently validated information about Dubai’s health care quality.

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Posted on :7/17/2018