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Phaax, United Arab Emirates

Phaax is arguably one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the United Arab Emirates. Phaax is known for the production of innovative medicinal products which help to ensure that people in the UAE and other corners of the world enjoy optimal health. We have also been able to create a marketing and sales system which caters for the needs of our customers. Our team of experts works hand-in-hand with all patients to determine what's best for them. We have a reliable source of funding committed to the search for better forms of medication. Our work has meant that we have partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Product Details
Advanced Wound Care, Skin Care Product, Weight Loss Supplements


Contact Information
Company: Phaax
Address: 19,20, 5Th Floor,Building 71,Dubai Health Care City,Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971-43834444 Ext-429
Fax: NA

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