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Zimenergy, Zimbabwe

ZimEnergy Group of organizations has been established as a response to the triple inter-related challenges in Zimbabwe and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa: energy, poverty and environmental crises. The image of a continent dark at night is familiar to visitors on the internet, and this darkness is reflected in households, health clinics, schools, urban as well as rural communities where Africans live. The majority of households in sub-saharan Africa have no access to electricity. Widespread use of wood fuel and kerosene not only means deforestation and indoor pollution, but it also feeds into worsening the impact of climate change and ill-health. Lack of lighting at the household level also reduces productivity of family members who are forced to retire to bed as soon as the sun sets.

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Company: Zimenergy
Address: Bay 30 Harrow Business Park ,Corner Harrow And Martin Drive , Msasa
Telephone: +263 4 480341
Fax: +263 4 498852

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