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India and the UAE are collaborating on cooperative health projects in Kenya and Tanzania.

The ministers discussed continuing bilateral conversations on food security, especially within the India-Israel-US-UAE (I2U2) framework. Israel and the US are also a part of this framework, as are the United States of America (US) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). India and the UAE are working together to establish health projects in Kenya and Tanzania as well as advancing food security cooperation.

These topics came up at the joint commission meeting between India and the UAE, which was co-chaired by the UAE's Sheikh Abdulla bin Zayed Al Nahyan and India's S Jaishankar.The summit also discussed collaboration in many industries, including energy and investments.

According to a statement released by the external affairs ministry on Friday, a delegation comprised of leaders from the Indian and UAE governments recently visited to Kenya and Tanzania to explore the potential for cooperation projects in the health sector.

According to the statement, the ministers went through current conversations about food security between the two parties, including those that took place within the India-Israel-US-UAE (I2U2) framework.

Initiatives centred on clean energy and food security were presented during the first I2U2 Summit in July, including $2 billion in funding from the UAE for the construction of a network of integrated food parks throughout India and a $330 million hybrid renewable energy project in Gujarat.

Jaishankar and Sheikh Abdulla bin Zayed acknowledged their delight with the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between India and the United Arab Emirates and the planning of events and initiatives to ensure the pact's successful implementation. They reaffirmed their dedication to reaching the objective of $100 billion in bilateral commerce over the following five years.

The next meeting of a high-level task force between the two nations will soon take place in India, according to the statement. "They also positively assessed the investment partnership between both countries and the growth of UAE investments in India in diverse sectors," it said.

The leaders of the two nations' leaders adopted a Vision Statement, which the ministers reviewed for progress in areas of bilateral cooperation. Discussions between the two parties on a variety of renewable energy and green hydrogen subjects have progressed.

The importance of encouraging start-ups and entrepreneurship in sectors like fintech, edutech, healthtech, agritech, logistics, and supply chains was stressed by the two parties. They also talked about the potential for tying the two nations' immediate payment systems together, perhaps through India's United Payment Interface (UPI).

The last time the two met was in Abu Dhabi, when Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was president of the UAE. Additionally, they took part in the July I2U2 Summit online.

The Indian community has made significant contributions to the development of the UAE, and Jaishankar praised him and the UAE government for caring for Indian expats. Both parties concurred that numerous institutional talks on consular matters, expertise, and manpower will convene in the upcoming months.

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Posted on :9/11/2023