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Dubai RTA Has Installed 2,000 LED Lighting Fixtures Successfully Across 16 Lanes

In accordance with the best methods for conserving energy and in support of the green economy, RTA is eager to make its assets more sustainable. Such initiatives aid in promoting a healthy environment and sustainable growth in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

CEO of the Traffic and Roads Agency, Maitha Bin Adai, stated: "The lighting upgrade project on Airport and Al Ittihad Roads took close to 6 months. As part of the work, the operational system of the lighting units was redesigned to incorporate highly effective, environmentally conscious, and sustainable lighting."

"Considering on the project demonstrates RTA's dedication to implementing the most cutting-edge strategies for maximising the usage of assets, prolonging their lifespan and reducing power consumption throughout the lighting network," according to Bin Adai.

He claims that the RTA is dedicated to sustainability and continually works to improve Dubai's road lighting systems by implementing the most cutting-edge, clever and cutting-edge technology that are adapted to the climatic conditions of the UAE.

She said that the LED technology has many benefits for the environment, including a 55% decrease in energy consumption when compared with conventional lighting units and a lifespan increase of up to 173% over older streetlamps.

Especially, the recently introduced lights last 60,000 hours as opposed to the 22,000 hours that are normal for ordinary lamps.

As a result, it lowers the frequency of lamp replacements as well as maintenance and operational expenses. In comparison to conventional bulbs, it also minimises energy loss and heat emission by 20%. She continued by saying that it enhances the operating efficiency of the lamp system as well as the effectiveness of the energy grid used to light Dubai's streets.

"The updated lamps provide higher brightness and colour accuracy than previous versions, enhancing overnight visibility and enhancing driver safety in Dubai. The illumination quality is improved by 100% due to to the LED bulbs' 4000K colour temperature, which is twice as high as the earlier lamps' 2000K colour temperature," according to Bin Adai.

In line with RTA's mission and Dubai's dedication to environmental sustainability, these new bulbs are also devoid of pollutants, she stated.

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Posted on :9/13/2023