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Whirlston Metal Recycling Machinery, China

Listed Under: Recycling Machinery | Industrial and Machinery
As a professional metal recycling machines manufacturer, we have been working hard to provide advanced equipment and professional solutions for your metal recycling business. Always endeavored in developing advanced metal recycling technology, we can customize special solutions to help you recycle more effiently and more cost effectively. Our Machine can Help You Handle No matter you are engaged in processing copper cables, scrap radiator, scrap motor, aluminum cans, as well as other types of metal, you can find proper solutions here. We manufacture various types of copper cable granulator, wire stripping machine, radiator recycling machine, motor recycling machine, metal crusher and metal baler to meet different requirements for scrap metal recycling.

Product Details
Copper Cable Granulator, Wire Stripping Machine, Radiator Recycling Machine, Motor Stator Recycling Machine,Metal Crusher, Metal Baler, Plastic Crusher, Pvc Granulator


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Company: Whirlston Metal Recycling Machinery
Address: Jingliu Road
Telephone: +86-18203683590
Fax: NA

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