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Terrazzo Ltd, United Arab Emirates

Listed Under: Building and Construction Material | Building and Interiors
Terrazzo is the region's No.1 company in the manufacture of pre-cast and other concrete products, glass reinforced plastic products (GRP), glass reinforced concrete (GRC), and 'prefabricated construction and facilities'. It is also one of the largest processors of marble and granite in the UAE. Terrazzo was founded as a limited liability company (LLC) with foreign collaboration and technical know-how in 1976 and the commercial production commenced in 1977. Terrazzo is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation for manufacturing Terrazzo, Concrete products, GRP and GRC in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Terrazzo Limited achieved the unique distinction of being the only Terrazzo tile company in the world to be accredited ISO 9002 back in 1997.

Product Details
Manufactures Of Precast And Concrete Products


Contact Information
Company: Terrazzo Ltd
Address: P.O Box 5934
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 97165333609
Fax: 97165333058

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