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Kenya To Come Up With Trading Centres In Dubai

Data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics showed that imports to Kenya from the UAE were around Sh400 billion in 2019.

Kenyan traders will likely acquire big if plans to establish a one-stop-shop in Dubai is successful.

The traders will have a centre in Dubai to sell such products as tea, coffee and flowers. On accountof traders from the United Arab Emirates will set-up a Dubai Trade Centre in Nairobi by the end of this year.

Dubai is popular with Kenyan traders whose merchandise includes general machinery, apparel, accessories, jewellery, electronics, household goods, personal and family care products.

The investments in the trade centres will allow traders to buy at wholesale price what they would have to take a round trip to the UAE to access.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Richard Ngatia who signed a memorandum of understanding with officials of Dubai Chamber of Commerce, said "Kenyan SMEs were excited about the prospects at the expo, adding that Kenya will also be working with the Dubai Trade Centre to have an equivalent in Dubai where traders from the rest of the world can access the country’s products in one market."

Abubakar Garba of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce said the move, which has already received the nod from Kenyan authorities, will go a long way in helping businesses make better margins and result into better prices for consumers.

“We are here in Kenya to establish the business park and because Kenya is the biggest single market and regional leaders", Mr. Abubakar continued.

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Posted on :2/3/2020