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Al Dahana plans to launch car assembly platform in UAE

Al Dahana, a renowned automotive retailer and distributor of automobiles and spare parts, intends to develop a manufacturing platform in the UAE for the assembly of cars and light trucks.

Al Dahana's presence and portfolio in the area will be enhanced and expanded by the new manufacturing platform, which will also provide end-users with locally built and just-in-time "JIT" automotive solutions.

"Our goal is to build Electric cars - Zero Emission 'EV' by working with a worldwide manufacturer," stated Nasser Watar, President and CEO of Al Dahana. "We researched the successful ASEAN marketplaces where vehicle component makers were recognised as local manufacturers in the Southeast Asia market and granted car local assembly accreditation. Such a successful experience will be brought to the attention of local industry leaders for prospective adoption in order to speed up the development of such an echo system in the UAE market," he added.

Furthermore, a Just-in-time JIT and direct-to-consumer DTC sales model will be developed, allowing customers to custom order their chosen model and reserve/purchase their automobile online using the company's webpage to add or eliminate particular choices such as colour combinations and trim. The UAE, as a global player, has constantly expressed interest in developing a "Automotive Echo System" for automotive manufacture and assembly.

“The company is working diligently to achieve that objective and such an Echo system will create employment opportunities and attract talent and experts in the automotive manufacturing space to that will be deployed for this project. AED2 billion ($544 million) is the estimated first investment in such a project. The market in the United Arab Emirates is vibrant and robust, and our goal is to establish an echo system for automobile manufacture in the UAE,” Watar said.

"We are pleased to announce that we are now a major player in the automotive sector in the GCC and North African markets. Our team is up-to-date with worldwide developments and trends, and it will add to its skill team a manufacturing team that is bringing state-of-the-art technology along with our future OEM partners."

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Posted on :5/5/2022