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American Hospital Dubai Opens Three Medical Tourism Offices as Part of a 30-office Expansion in Africa and Eastern Europe.

American Hospital Dubai has announced the opening of three medical tourism representative offices in Nigeria in 2024, as part of a 30-office expansion plan across key African and Eastern European markets. The initiative supports the UAE's efforts to become a global medical tourism hub.

Mr Buti Al Mulla, Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group, Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group and American Hospital Dubai and Dr Marwan AlMulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), were all in attendance at the signing ceremony. Tonye Princewill, Chairman of RivExel and Tayyibat Mohammed, Nigeria's Consul General.

The new offices in Nigeria will help patients get access to American Hospital Dubai's world-class medical services and innovative healthcare excellence in oncology, cardiac care and orthopaedic surgery.

American Hospital Dubai's consistent commitment to the UAE's medical tourism goals is demonstrated by its dedicated, tailored and 24-hour international patient services. The hospital's International Patient Team is instrumental in this initiative. Its staff is fully trained to assist and advise patients and their families during consultations, schedule appointments with appropriate doctors and coordinate patient referrals. The International Patient Team also assists patients with visa applications, air travel arrangements and hotel accommodations, as well as access to the hospital's specialist doctors for comprehensive virtual consultations and inquiries before they arrive in the UAE.

American Hospital Dubai adheres to the highest global healthcare standards by prioritising positive patient experiences in its Mission and Vision. It develops personalised healthcare based on patient understanding. It emphasises innovation, technology and human expertise to ensure that local, regional and international patients have easy access to seamless, world-class healthcare services.

The Dubai Health Experience (DXH) brand has cemented the emirate's global reputation in medical tourism and American Hospital Dubai is proud to be a dedicated partner in advancing its objectives.

Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of American Hospital Dubai, stated, "The UAE has successfully consolidated its position as a leading global medical tourism destination. It has gained international trust in its healthcare sector by excelling at providing unique experiences and launching numerous initiatives to attract global medical tourists. The UAE's expertise, innovation, high healthcare standards and collaborations boost its international reputation in this field.

“American Hospital Dubai is committed to providing advanced medical technologies and collaborating with global experts in life sciences. It reflects our dedication to innovation, cutting-edge, multi-speciality healthcare services and our commitment to patient safety and satisfaction,” Beshara stated.

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Posted on :2/7/2024