We are the Stockist of the Pipes, Flanges, BW Fittings, Forged Fittings, Valves, Gasket, Stud Bolt, Oildrum, Hydrolic Fittings.
Products/Services :- Pipes, Flanges, Bw Fittings, Forged Fittings, Valves, Gasket, Stud Bolt, Oildrum, Hydrolic Fittings.

Wellube is the leading global engineering specialist and pipeline maintenance expert operating across the global oil and gas, renewables, petrochemical, and infrastructure industries. Our pipeline maintenance services include hot tapping, pipeline maintenance, line stopping, pipe freezing, online leak sealing, valve maintenance, etc. Our local presence in the USA, UK, South Africa, India, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, and Australia employs over 500 people worldwide.
Products/Services :- Oil And Gas

Gerab National Enterprises LLC is a leading stockist and bulk supplier of seamless and welded pipes, fittings, flanges, valves and accessories to the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, civil, and process industries. Gerab's long-standing history and proven track record has earned it the trust of national and international oil companies, as well as regional and international contracting and construction firms, with the supply of piping solution requirements for their mega projects in over 60 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Dubai and with offices in key cities around the globe, Gerab operates 291,635 m2 of indoor and outdoor stocking area in the UAE, KSA, and Iraq to strategically feed into client supply chains and project requirements.
Products/Services :- Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Flanges, Pumps, Stud Bolt, Nuts

Founded in 1984, CHS is an Engineering Solutions company that specializes in Compressed Air & Gas solutions and services across the UAE, Oman, India, and East Africa. From machinery supply to installation and after-sales maintenance, we offer end-to-end compressed air solutions for all industrial clients.
Products/Services :- Air Compressor Systems

EXGSP GmBH is one of the well-known sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil and soybean oil suppliers in Germany and abroad. Since the launching, our company desired to expand its production capacity. Nowadays, we have the full production chain to manufacture high-quality plant oil. Our goal was to become the leading sunflower oil producer in Germany. For now, our products are well-recognized and can be bought not only in Germany but also worldwide. Our top priority is healthy, high-quality, and tasty sunflower oil. It means ecologically clean products without any solvents and other foreign substances. That is why all our plants are modernized and use the proven technologies only, ensuring us to become the top refined sunflower oil manufacturer.
Products/Services :- Exgsp Gmbh Is One Of The Well-Known Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Corn Oil And Soybean Oil Suppliers In Germany And Abroad.

Since 1979, ONIS has a large global footprint focused on delivering green, safe, high payback blinding solutions for customers in mid and downstream petrochemical industries. With products that have been innovated for more than forty years and installed in more than 12,000 different applications, ONIS is the technology leader for providing positive isolation technologies and is trusted for use in extreme, critical process applications. Onis industrial piping components are patented innovations specially designed to provide ultra-safe piping work solutions to permit one person in a few minutes, without tools to perform piping opening operations. The main concept of our products is to avoid piping bolting components while mechanizing the pipe flanges spreading. Enables the ability to blind a pipe in minutes with only one person and zero tools. The simple and reliable ONIS Quick Action Line Blind can be operated easily by only one person and without tools. Minimal operating time: from 1 to 15 minutes maximum depending on the product size and configuration.
Products/Services :- Quick Mechanical Line Blind

We are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Lubricant Additives, Components and Viscosity Index Improvers, as well Exporters of Synthetic & Natural Rubber & Chemicals based in Ajman, UAE.
Products/Services :- Engine Oil Components, Components, Lubricant Additives, Synthetic Rubber &Amp; Natural Rubber.

Products/Services :- Chemicals Reports, Chemicals Price

DELTA has grown to be a strong and versatile company with the requisite infrastructure to ably support its activities. We are corrosion protection and Heat Tracing specialists with decades of experience behind us in Middle East and Africa.
Products/Services :- Corrosion Protection Systems (Seal For Life - Anodeflex, Powercrete, Polyken, Covalence) & Electrical Heat Tracing Systems (Nvent- Raychem, Pyrotenax, Tracer) Etc.

Refrigerant gas supplier in the Middle East-Dubai | Westron. ae
Products/Services :- Services