Am not the buyer of your product I am an accredited Agent registered with Government organization in Ghana on contract allocation.
Products/Services :- Welding Equipment

Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co., Ltd has years of experience in manufacturing wire mesh and wire fencing products. Anping yadong is renowned chain link fencing manufacturing company providing fencing products. Also the company has established its reputation as leading welded wire mesh manufacturer and steel grating supplier in the regions like Africa, middle east and all over Asia.
Products/Services :- Wire Mesh Products

I would like to introduce our company Hadid Zob that has been in heavy truck parts producing and steel casting for the past 15 years. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality, price and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. We have an excellent staffs who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends. looking for our qualification, we are interesting to collaborate together in field of heavy truck parts such as Brake & Discs, Hubs and Spoke wheels.
Products/Services :- Casting Steel's Parts,Heavy Truck Parts Such As Brake & Discs, Hubs And Spoke Wheels

We are exporter of Induction furnace and its Machinery, parts and spares and we are also exporter of Steel Rolling Mill machinery, parts etc, transformer, motors, E.O.T Crane, Magnet, etc.
Products/Services :- Induction Furnace, Steel Rolling Mill Machinery, Transformer, Motors,Spares, Input Material, Ferro Alloy

we supply Pure iron,High Purity Iron Billet,soft iron, iron remelt ingot,armco iron,The chemical composition and physics characteristics, such as the coercive force is better than the International Standard. Our fabrication plant is equipped with large cutting machine, shearing machine,sawing machine, punch,lathe,mill machine,annealing furnace,and rattle barrel to meet the different needs of users.We check and audit the quality according to the quality certificate strictly. Trademark B-B: C 0.003 Si 0.01 Mn 0.13 P 0.012 S 0.006 Cr 0.02 Ni 0.02 Al 0.04 Cu 0.02 Trademark B-BC: C 0.002 Si 0.01 Mn 0.08 P 0.009 S 0.005 Cr 0.01 Ni 0.01 Al 0.01 Cu 0.01 Trademark B-CC: C 0.002 Si 0.003 Mn 0.02 P 0.006 S 0.005 Cr 0.01 Ni 0.01 Al 0.005 Cu 0.004
Products/Services :- High Purity Iron

the leading manufacturer for inverter welding and cutting equipments in China.
Products/Services :- Welding Machine,Welding Equipments

With 500+ persons, GYS is one of European leading welding equipment brands.
Products/Services :- Welding Equipment

Partoazma co a Supplier of all engineering Equipment: DT & NDT & base metal coating thickness measurement. Flaw detection probe for all Kind of Normal & angle. Pt & mt spray test.
Products/Services :- Nondestractive Test Equipment Supplier

We are into castings from the last 20 years & we basically believe in quality. we are into non ferrous casting like copper, brass, alluminium, gun metal, PB1, PB2, Aluminium Bronze etc
Products/Services :- Castings